What is No Benefits?

No Benefits is a card game about your job. The temp job you said you’d quit in four months, five years ago. Remember how you said you wanted to be a writer? An artisanal pickle maker? Now's your chance!

It only takes you two hours to finish your data entry, but management doesn't know that. Do you really want to make copies of copies all day? Why not work on your fucking novel and brine pickles in the bathroom instead? You’re pulling a paycheck either way.

Relive one week of your life in one hour.

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We channeled the stress, fear and anxiety we felt while working in our soul-crushing jobs into the mechanics of No Benefits. The game simulates how it feels to make it through a workweek, without actually getting fired or lighting yourself on fire.

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Download .pdf files of No Benefits to print and play yourself. Read the rules and cards online, then print them out on your office copier, you rebel. Not responsible for any managerial scrutiny.

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Who the hell are we?

Before Paolo Sambrano created No Benefits, his debut solo show "Bi-Poseur" (directed by W. Kamau Bell, star of FX's Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell) has played to sold-out houses across the country. Creator of the awful cover letter Tumblr read by tens of people, You Can't Hire Me, which was adapted to stage. Paolo also spoke at the 2010 South by Southwest Interactive conference about the mainstreaming of geek culture, and writes about TV at the San Francisco Appeal. Paolo has been featured in the SF Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle, and KXAN-TV in Austin, TX. He created No Benefits while sitting at his cubicle doing quality assurance at a call center in San Francisco.

Steve Caires is a game designer and software engineer working on No Benefits and other projects as the indie developer Stevelopment. He studied Computer Science and Economics at UC Berkeley to figure out what makes people tick and how to make better games. When he isn't furiously writing code, you can find him reading trashy graphic novels, improvising gluten-free recipes, uploading retro electronica mixtapes, or furiously scribbling new game designs in his red notebook. After co-creating No Benefits, Steve was inspired to quit his job building profit-seeking social games and to try and encourage other people to stop working so damn hard.


Created by Paolo Sambrano
Developed by Steve Caires

No Benefits is distributed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

Special thanks to:
Eve Batey, Katie Castagna, Jesse Divine, Jeffrey Carl Faden, Chris Finley, Teale Fristoe, Elly Garcia, James Gowdey, Duncan Jacobson, Amy Jewell, Simeon Jewell, Zahra Noorbakhsh, Tony Puccinelli, Felix Sargent, Shari Spiro, Jeff Wilson, Kent Wong, Travis Worthington and our friends at Infinitech.

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